We respond quickly and have 24 hour service that allow you to handle emergencies, even if you need help getting into your home in the middle of the night.
Our technicians will solve your auto-lock related issues so you can regain your peace of mind. We are only 20 minutes away.
Operating a business or owning a commercial property requires a certain level of security. When you need to install a new security system around a place of business or when you have concerns about an attempted break in, a locksmith offers the skills and tools that you need to accomplish your goals.
Have you ever walked out the door only to realize that you left the keys on the kitchen table? It happens to everyone and sometimes you do not realize that you're left the keys until after you've locked the door on the way out. When a problem occurs at your home, a locksmith can help you get back into your home or handle any security concerns so that you feel safe in your home.
About Our Local Locksmiths

MAT Auto Locksmith - 24 Hour Locksmith Woodbridge VA

In the bustling, leafy streets of Woodbridge, VA, there's a hero who doesn't wear a cape. No, this hero carries a set of lock picks and a smile that's just as reliable. Welcome to the world of MAT Auto Locksmith, where we've been turning lock troubles into triumphs for over 25 years.

We have a team of expert professionals that are qualified and know all types of locks and highly developed security systems. Our different services include re-keys, lock repair, and fitting, master key systems, duplicating keys, etc. Our experts are specialized and know the business very well. Our objective is to provide the most thorough service that our Woodbridge locksmith can provide.

The MAT Auto Locksmith Story: More Than Just a Twirl of the Key

Let's set the scene. You're locked out, it's raining, and that tuna casserole in the oven is probably past well-done by now. Who do you call? Not the Ghostbusters, that's for sure. You call MAT Auto Locksmith, the locksmith near me open now that Woodbridge residents have trusted for more than a quarter of a century.

We're not just locksmiths; we're like those cool aunts and uncles who always know how to fix everything. From the heart of Woodbridge to the surrounding 15-mile radius, our services span the gamut of every lock and key issue known to humanity. And yes, we've seen it all - from the "oops, I dropped my keys in the lake" to the "I thought the window was a better place for my keys."

Professional Locksmith Services
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The Magic We Offer: Services That Click!

  • Residential locksmith: Your home should be as safe as a bear's den (minus the bear, of course). We're talking lock installations, repairs, rekey lock and the much-needed 'I've locked myself out again' assistance.
  • Commercial locksmith: For the businesses out there, we're the silent guardian of your premises. High-security locks, master key systems, you name it - we secure it.
  • Car locksmith: Locked out of your car? Keys decided to take a permanent vacation in the ignition? Our automotive locksmith services are like a pit stop in a Formula 1 race - quick, efficient, and getting you back on track in no time.
  • Emergency locksmith: 24/7, rain or shine, we're there. Emergencies don't wait and neither do we. Our emergency locksmith services are like pizza delivery - fast, reliable, and always bringing a smile.
Your Local 24/7 Locksmith Team On Google

Service Area: Spreading the Locksmith Love

Our love for locks isn't confined to just Woodbridge. We spread our wings (or rather, our tools) to a 15-mile radius around town. Whether you're in Dale City doing some weekend shopping or in Lorton catching a train, if you're in a lock pickle, we're there faster than you can say 'locksmith Woodbridge VA'.

Top 10 Tips from a Pro Locksmith: Nuggets of Wisdom

  • Love Thy Locks: Regular maintenance keeps your locks young and spry.
  • Spare Key Buddy System: Keep a spare key with a trusted neighbor or friend. It's like social networking, but for keys.
  • Upgrade Like You Mean It: Technology evolves, and so should your locks.
  • Locks Get Old Too: Replacing old locks is like giving your home a new pair of shoes.
  • Not All Heroes Wear Capes: In emergencies, save our number. We're the locksmith equivalent of a superhero.
  • Key Intelligence: Don't keep all your keys in one basket. Separate house and car keys.
  • The Great Outdoor Key Hide-and-Seek: Avoid hiding keys outside your home. It's the first place intruders check.
  • Car Lock Wisdom: Double-check your car doors after locking with a remote.
  • Business Lock Love: For businesses, master key systems are like having VIP access to your own premises.
  • Stay Calm and Call MAT: In any lock crisis, stay calm. We're just a call away.

In Conclusion: Your Lock and Key Confidantes

There you have it, folks - the lowdown on MAT Auto Locksmith in Woodbridge, VA. We're more than just a service; we're a friendly face, a reliable solution, and your go-to in times of need. In the world of locks and keys, we're not just skilled artisans; we're storytellers, each service call another tale of triumph over the pesky lock and key gremlins.

So, the next time you're in a lock conundrum, remember MAT Auto Locksmith. We're not just unlocking doors; we're opening the way to a secure, hassle-free life. And hey, we promise - no more tuna casseroles will be harmed in your lockout situations again!

Lock & Key Satisfaction Guaranteed!
We provide fast, professional reliable locksmith services 24/7 for automobile lockouts, residential home lockouts and business locksmith needs.
Our technicians are licensed and insured and stand by our workmanship 100%.
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